Recommended Care

Informing you is our top priority.


Customer satisfaction motivates everyone at SOTHIL. In order to provide you excellent service throughout the entire life of your treasured timepiece, please be sure to follow the useful tips outlined:

  1. Cleaning – use dry cloth to clean your watch. Further extensive cleaning can be done when you service your watch.
  2. Battery Change – your U-BOAT or WELDER is water resistant to 100M (see our water resistance table below). This is allowed by a series of gaskets that allow the watch regular operation while keeping the water out. Any official retailer can change the battery on your watch, however if you decide to go anywhere else you must make sure the watch maker replaces your gasket and checks the watch water resistance. Do not leave old batteries in the watch as they will eventually cause damage to the movement. Please note – though battery can be replaced by non official watch makers, this will void the warranty.
  3. Shower – do not shower with your watch on, the soap and shampoo, etc. can damage the gaskets and will create film on your band – especially the gel bands.
  4. Do not enter water if the crown or any buttons on the watch are pulled out. Doing so will instantly allow water to enter the watch.
  5. Mechanical watch needs to be serviced at least every 4 to 7 years. If not the oil dries out and parts will wear.
  6. Strap – all leather and rubber straps wear out, usually in about 2 years. This factor can change drastically due to variance in personal use. We recommend the use of original straps to preserve the original design of your U-BOAT or WELDER. Your official retailer can replace the strap for you.
  7. Do not attempt to open your watch! You will be surprised how many small parts are held perfectly in place inside the casing. Opening the watch by any unauthorized person will void the warranty.


Water Resistance Table